Most are so busy running that they do not have time to explore....

So, when you say, “I don’t have the time!”…What do you really mean?
Since living the life of your dreams boils down to two things…

TIME and MONEY… Having “MONEY creates more TIME”…

We all have the same 24-hour equal-playing-field day, so why is it that some seem to achieve more?

What we really mean is, “This is just not a priority for me right now”. Once you become consciously aware of this statement, it will be one of your most incredible wake-up calls. Once the reality of that statement sinks in to open your eyes and mind, you will begin to
realize that it has become a repetitious excuse preventing you from living the life you deserve. What you are really saying is,  “My Dream Life is not a priority right now” or “My Health and Well-Being are not a priority right now”…get the picture?  Changing the words you use changes the conversation in your head and holds the potential to dramatically change your life…

It’s that simple…Ask yourself what you are afraid of and be clear about what you really want.

How do we create more TIME? Commutes, standing in line, too much TV, social gossiping, breaks during work, waiting on hold, waiting to pick up the kids after school, etc…  And the biggest one?  Start saying “No” to those attempting to drag you into their priorities, thus allowing them to absorb your time and effort… Is the picture becoming even clearer?

Add that LOST TIME and direct it toward a more productive use, such as investing in yourself and your aspirations. Write them down!  Seriously consider carrying your laptop, iPad or other to create a Diary of Dreams and Ideas wherever you go…how much more time is magically recreated over the course of one day, one month or one year? Imagine how much closer to your Dream life you will be…Would it not be better than be stuck where you are right now?…

Now onto the topic of MONEY…Consider adopting a Contrarian approach to money and ALL other areas of your life… you will be light years ahead of the crowd. What is a Contrarian? An individual who typically acts or thinks in a way contrary to popular or accepted opinion; an investor who seeks to make a profit by acting in opposition to majority opinion, prevailing wisdom, etc., e.g., by buying a
company’s stock when it is out of favor with the majority of investors.
(Excerpt from yourdictionary.com)

With the ability to create more TIME and a using a Contrarian approach to money and life, you need to discover “Your
Secret Wealth”; it is generally a matter of seeing it!  First, you must Choose Yourself, by loving all of your aspects unconditionally, then, center your thoughts on the gifts that each moment brings you.  You can start by small things… This increases a peaceful demeanor that enables a wider and clearer insight.

“Your Secret Wealth” is a Jay Abraham course/program of self-discovery, revealing your hidden gems that could substantially improve your life… These could be personal attributes with a potential to generate additional income. “Choose Yourself” is a James Altucher’s New York Times Best Seller that relates how to start living life dreams are made of…

Remember this acronym J.O.B. (Just Over Broke). 
If this describes your current situation, it is time to discover the healthiest products and most lucrative opportunities on the planet today. Game Changers await!