Business Ideas

Cryptocurrencies...  Do you know what they are?  If you have not heard yet, they are gaining popularity, recognition, thus VALUE.  They are virtual currencies that are anonymous and easy to use.

There are quite a few, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, TBC, and the list goes on. 

Associated with these crypto currencies are opportunities and although some may be doubtful, others are definitely worth the gain.  Here is our recommended list:

1.  Quantum Leap Community:  Donate 0.01BTC and receive, in three phases, 100BTC.  Completely automatic, even re-entry, and it launches on September 20.  Since we know the founders, we can vouch for their dedication in making this project a complete success!  You can read more on their site:  You can also join their Facebook at:

2. RJGM Power Team:  Donate .002BTC and receive 14BTC.  You can join on the website at:  Dedicated Admin as well.

3. USI-TECH:  After 8 years of developing an Artificial Intelligence applied to Forex, the owners launched a platform for Bitcoins.  After months of producing results, we feel good recommending it.  Referring people also generates a very nice commission.  You can join at:   REGISTER

4. BITCLUBNETWORK: Naturally, mining is an important part of the cryptocurrency process; therefore, we present one of the top mining companies.  It is a long term investment and the return is low unless you refer people.  You can register HERE, 


5. Not in crypto currency, in fiat money...  A new math applied to cyber security.  We know management and have watched them go from a new algorithm to what it is now - about to take over the cyber world.  You can still get in, ask us about it; it is fantastic!


People are realizing that working together in a spirit of equitability can help economic growth, as well as support the creators of this world so they can not only be recognized for their work, but also help  Humankind improve its life at all levels.  In that spirit, we introduce two opportunities to become involved:

6.   A newly upgraded site that fosters professional collaboration to support creators, inventors and innovators in their endeavors, as well as proposes a simple process that renders their ideas a true world property for their entire life and several decades after their passing.  The new site officially launches in September - join us in this new era!

7. Ubuntu The link points to one of their ideas about water....  This is a project in Africa about a new collaboration as well to improve the world and support inventors in their endeavors by presenting them to investors, for example.  Their next event will take place in October.  Check it out...

We hope that you enjoy - tell us about what you think!

Be well!