The Most Professional and Highly Praised Professors of Success in
the Overall Field of Personal Reality and Business:
Jay Abraham leadership

has helped more business owners/entrepreneurs, in more diverse industries,
make more money, in more breakthrough or disruptive ways — than, perhaps,
any advisory source of business building expertise in the entrepreneurial space

with over $9+Billion in business start-ups. read more…

James Altucher

is a prolific writer, successful entrepreneur, Co-founder of 20 companies, chess
master, and venture capitalist. He has started and sold several
companies and is actively invested in, or advises, over 30 different
companies in areas ranging from tech to energy to health care to biotech
and currently on the board of a public company with a billion dollars in revenue.
He is the author of many Wall Street Journal Best Selling books,
including ‘Choose Yourself’ ranked by USA Today second among the 12 Best
Business Books of All Time. Choose Yourself meet ups have sprung up
worldwide helping people network, come up with ideas, and actively
contribute to each others success. 

James’ writing has been featured in The Financial Times, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch,

and The Huffington Post.  James hosts two highly ranked podcasts: The James Altucher Show
(which include guests, such as Mark Cuban, Peter Thiel, and Tony Robbins,
etc.) and, Ask Altucher, in which he answers direct questions from the audience.

Collectively the shows have been downloaded 12 million times. read more…

Tony Robbins

is the world authority on leadership psychology, an entrepreneur, best-selling author,

philanthropist and the nation’s #1 Life and Business Strategist.

A recognized authority on the psychology of leadership, negotiations, and organizational turnaround,

he has served as an advisor to leaders around the world for more than 38 years and
author of five internationally bestselling books, including the recent
New York Times #1 best-seller MONEY: MASTER THE GAME,

Mr. Robbins has empowered more than 50 million people from 100 countries through his
audio, video, and life training programs. He created the #1 personal and
professional development program of all time, and more than 4 million
people have attended his live seminars. read more…

Steven Jon Kaplan
began his blog in August 1996, with a newsletter subscription service starting in February 2006.

Steve also invests money for qualified clients, taking 20% of the net profits and zero management fees.

His basic philosophy is that since investors are humans, they behave in irrational herds,

which create opportunities, especially when assets are the farthest away from fair value in either direction.

You can contact Steve any time at or at (201) 246-0003.


my greatest mentor.  He is an internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher who was channeled
by Jane Roberts (author) while she was in trance,  His most empowering message is, “You Create Your Own Reality”.

You can read some of his teachings at