Brett Keens

I have written an e-Book on the subject of transforming someone's life, as I have done with mine...  You can order my e-Book via Paypal at: Brett Keens <>

Only $2.99 US per copy.  Thank you.

My life’s path has led me to an unsuspected discovery:  My Self.  What affected my everyday decisions and conclusions that transpired over my life perception…  That’s when I decided to share my findings with this book, the beginning of a self-discovery series dedicated to those who are willing to improve their lives.

The path to self-discovery includes our relation to the world, including money.  For that reason, I have embedded incredibly simple methods to become aware of as much your thoughts and resulting health, as improving your financial situation through opportunities in related fields.

YES, it is possible to discover who you truly are, not whom others would want you to be.  Becoming aware is the first step; have fun exploring yourself and others, while improving your quality of life.

Learn how you can improve your breathing, burn more calories with less effort, be more energized and understand how you have followed others, rather than forge your own path.

I sincerely hope that it will improve people’s lives around the world so that its happiness ratio can increase.  Imagine what we can collectively accomplish by just living who we truly are!

To your well-being!