Any change requires effort and this method is no different.  We are filled with toxins; both in our body and mind; therefore, the first step is detoxing.  Take your thoughts for instance, did you know that you have between 60,000 to 90,000 thoughts per day?  Do you know what you think about?  Take notice of how one subject can spin incessantly, mostly negatively, or against you.  YOUR WISH IS YOUR COMMAND is the definition of whatever you ask for is so for you.  Master your thoughts or they will master you.

Cultivate your thoughts as though it were a beautiful garden...  It takes practice, but you are well worth the effort!

In short, you must detox your thoughts and transform them into allies to enable changes into your life.

Your body is yet another source of toxins...  What do you eat, fresh food or highly processed substances?  Yes, anything that is not fresh is processed.  However, some processed are worse than others...  Do you drink enough water?  ....and what is its quality?...

Let's make a list of ways that you can detox your body:

  • Water:(a) Add Water minerals (
    (b) Structured Water (c) Buy a good filter (not just carbon)
  • Body:
    (a) Juice fast
    (b) Ingest bentonite and psyllium husks (to clean your colon)
    (c) Dr. Schultze's detox(d) Drink a blend of Himalayan Salt (Pink salt), 1 organic lemon and water every night; it will not only help you detoxify,       but also hydrate your cells.
    (e) Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables (organic is the best)!

Once you have tried one or more ways to detox, make sure that you eliminate and start MOVING!  Whether it is walking, dancing, biking, swimming; whatever your activity, DO IT!  Remember not to force anything and breathe while you are exercising.

Are you ready for the rest?...  You can read my e-book or continue exploring to Game Changers or Take Action.