Who Brett is...

Life’s journey has its ups and downs, of which

we’ve all had our fair share on the road to our dream Life…

Moments can define the rest of our lives.  What are your defining moments? We all have a story…a unique story… a story that needs to be told… Why?  So that we may Pay It Forward to others, giving them the opportunity to learn from our pain and mistakes…  Let us help those willing to help themselves in this life! Tell your unique story… the Mentors at the bottom of this page will assist you as they have graciously assisted me.

Here is my story...

An early childhood stuttering challenge encouraged ridicule and being treated as an outcast. My first defining moment. I preserved my integrity.  Co-winner of a city-wide bicycle contest at age 9, the winner was to be decided on a live television broadcast by choosing a number between one and ten. With eyes covered, the winning number was written on a chalkboard. I cheated. This would be my second defining moment. I chose a different number and retained my integrity.  An early childhood entrepreneurial itch found me establishing Boys club‘ memberships, cool-aid stands, magic and puppet shows, as well as a pawn shop, to earn money. On the first day of High school, we were requested to individually stand and introduce ourselves. Barely able to pronounce my name, the teacher snidely laughed and ridiculed me. This was to be my third defining moment. I maintained my integrity.

A new found popularity developed, confidence improved and the stuttering declined. Moving forward, I was accepted as popular, approachable, outspoken, respected, helpful, giving and trustworthy. Graduating in 1974, I explored the workforce and then, followed the herd to University in 1976.  One year later, with a depleted bank account, I re-joined the workforce only to once again, return to the schooling system.  Lost, I was caught in an endless loop of frustration and despair.  1980 brought a welcome relief.  Re-befriending a respected high school buddy convinced me to apply for a position at a company he worked for.  Indeed, the incredible Sales Conferences he attended around the World were appealing to my desire for new adventures. This became my fourth defining moment; one that would impact the rest of my life.

A successful second attempt at being hired saw the beginning of what I thought was a financially secure future.  Even if it was not for life, over one decade of work resulted in achieving and maintaining a top-tier North American Sales Leader status with a World Leader in Mailing and Office Systems.  Alas, disillusioned by a corporate overhaul, 12 years later, armed with a successful track record and perhaps an overinflated ego, I started my own business.  Surely, establishing over 600 accounts in less than three years would count as quite an achievement…  Indeed, it was!  However, during that time, attracted by Network Marketing, I eventually contributed to a very large organization without sufficient due diligence and knowledge in this field. My fifth defining moment.

A down spiral ensued in 1997...  Even downturns bring us a gift.  This one made me realize that Guardian Angels exist.  This one unselfishly supported me during this serious low, affecting both my business and personal life. Yes, it even involved a brief and humiliating stint on welfare…  A gift in disguise, it became one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, experiences of my life, providing tremendous personal growth. My sixth defining moment.

In my case, life’s challenges have been directly proportional to the benefits that I extracted from them…  Once more part of the workforce from 1999 through 2010, I achieved the Top 1% North American Sales with three Fortune 500 Companies.  Indeed, my confidence to reach my goals had not failed.

2000 introduced another type of Guardian Angel.
His International lifestyle, integrity, “Pay it Forward” attitude, complemented by a unique approach to life and investing, made a lasting impression upon me.  It opened my eyes to a New World of Opportunities.  In 2010, my main and final goal was achieved by securing the second largest corporation in Canada worth multi-millions in annual sales revenues. This served to establish the largest equipment rental company in North America.

Shortly after, a series of unique and unexplained events influenced me to leave this corporate world to enjoy a life of Freedom and Independence. My seventh defining moment.

I am currently working on my greatest challenge yet and trust that it will be my eighth defining moment.

Before concluding these lines, let me add that the foundation of my life is based upon over-delivering value and Paying it Forward to those willing to help themselves.  Life challenges us when we least expect it.  How we choose to react in that moment defines our path.  This choice is determined by the Belief and Trust we hold in ourselves, which in turn, forge our actions toward a positive outcome. This Faith in “our-self” attracts powerful opportunities that may be invaluable for long-term success, if we are receptive. My goal is to move forward with a Team; while learning from one another, we can achieve our Dream Life!

Still riding a wave of applied wisdom, I find myself at a crossroad...  I know what I want and am going for it, while still discovering who I truly am.  This perfect collaboration between myself and my goal will lead me unto the path that I truly desire - that of financial freedom and utter well-being.

Writing these lines and my e-book has helped me realize that everything, at first sight, appears as a maze; what do we do first?  Then, one step at a time, an integration process takes place (a plateau as Bruce Lee described it) and we are ready for another chapter.  Most of us are paralyzed in fear of lacking something or other, yet, although it tries to protect us, this false sense of security is ephemeral.  We need a movement that expands our perception and, indeed, our life!

I would like to take these next steps with you, are you willing?  Why not?...

To our joyful success!